Friday, 10 July 2015

Vicious Vocabulary II

As part of our Propaganda unit we will need to explore some new words. Please do a little research on these words to become familiar with them. 

Tasks you can do with these words: (try one or more)
- Find antonyms and/or synonyms
- Define in your own words
- Put into a mini story (50 or so words)
- Use an image that best captures the word

Words to explore:
  • fallacy
  • gimmick
  • indoctrination
  • deception

Good luck!


  1. Synonyms for Fallacy, misconception, delusion, misapprehension.
    Synonyms for Gimmick, stunt, plan, ruse, ploy; angle.
    Synonyms for Indoctrination, persuade, brain wash, training, instruction
    Synonyms for Deception, betrayal, beguilement, boondoggle, cozenage

  2. Definition in own words
    1) a mistaken belief, often in unsafe arguments
    2) A device or trick used to attract attention, trade or publicity.
    3) Without questioning them, you teach someone to accept a set of beliefs
    4) deceiving someone

  3. Define in own words
    Fallacy - To decepte someone, often done by framing information.
    Gimmick - A trick/device with the aim to persuade the reader.
    Indoctrination - Brainwashing someone to believe your point without question.
    Deception - Making someone give up their beliefs and believe yours.

  4. Once upon a time, there lived a boy by the name of Makaia. One day Makaia got home from a hard day of grueling schoolwork and sat down and checked the blog. "Barnacles!" he cried as he saw the homework he had been given.
    He soldiered on started his homework. He had to explore four words, fallacy, gimmick, indoctrination and deception.
    Once Makaia had finished the awful task, he clicked out of the tab and watched some cat videos on Youtube.

  5. One day in New Zealand there was a strongly worded email sent by a disgraced member of the publ C complaint about wanting to stop the use of fallacy and deception in advertising propaganda. The letter read: to start this letter I will give my main indoctrination. The worst factor is most definitely the high use of gimmick; the devious schemes that are developed are financially harmful toward consumers. False advertising or deception should not be accepted. It can waste money and disappoint members of the public.I will not accept this deception any longer, and nor should you! This is absolutely disgraceful and I believe a law must be put in place.

  6. Fallacy: a reasoning that uses unreliable evidence or facts.

    Gimmick: a feature/device used to attract and increase attention or appeal.

    Indoctrination: making someone accept something without questioning.

    Deception: the action of deceiving someone.

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  8. Fallacy:




  9. Synonyms for fallacy:Paradox,misinterpretation
    Synonyms for Gimmick:device,gadget,stunt
    Synonyms for indoctrination:persuation,brainwash
    Synonums for Deception:deceit,disinformation,untruth

  10. Fallacy
    a false belief, especially one based around tenuous arguments

    a device or trick used to attract attention/publicity

    if you are INDOCTRINATED into a specific religious community, you are then forced to accept their way if living life

    the act of deceiving some one

  11. Fallacy:
    Synonyms: Bias, Paradox, Misinterpretation
    Antonyms: Truth, honesty, fact.

    Synonyms: Imposture, ploy, ruse
    Antonyms: Frankness, truth, honesty.

    Synonyms: Instruction, brainwashing, persuasion
    Antonyms: Weakness, prevention.

    Synonyms: Lying, fraud, trickiness
    Antonyms: Honour, loyalty faithfulness

  12. define in own words
    fallacy: a mistaken belife
    gimmick: a trick used to make someone beilve something
    Indoctrination: teaching someone to accecpt something
    Deception: tricking people