Sunday, 19 July 2015

Propaganda 4

Please discuss the meaning of the image. 
What does it communicate?
Identify the types of propaganda used in this image (with evidence).


  1. It s bandwagon because "real men " use it so aren't you a real man sort of like a threat
    Sophie, Jess, Ana, Anya

  2. This poster includes three types of propaganda:
    Bandwagon because it is using the statement "Real Men Use Macs."
    Common Folk because it is again using the statement "Real Men Use Macs."
    Slogan: Don't Fight it Accept it As your new Computer.
    Chayse, Connor and Jack

  3. Guilt by association and hasty generalization, because it is defining a persons manhood by what they buy.
    Lucas, Dom, Torin, Makaia

  4. this photo uses bandwagon as it says don't fight it accept it meaning everyones buying them and also scare tactics as men may thing that there not manish

  5. This is bandwagon because it says real men meaning if your a guy buy this to look cool.

    Bandwagon hasty generalization.