Sunday, 19 July 2015

Propaganda 3

Please discuss the meaning of the image. 
What does it communicate?
Identify the types of propaganda used in this image (with evidence).


  1. Uses fear because nobody wants to look like a fish (bandwagon) involves readers by using personal pronouns. Giving a direct order.
    Anya, Ana, Jess, Sophie

  2. It's using scare tactics to pressure you into helping the company.
    Dom, Lucas, Makaia, Torinf

  3. This poster displays:
    Scare Tactics
    Appeal To Fear
    Chayse, Connor and Jack

  4. This poster is trying to incourage people to help prevent climate change through instilling fear in the hearts of the reader as they don't want to look ugly.
    Tom and Nick

  5. this poster is encouraging people to help climate change and it makes the person looking at the poster get scared thinking they might turn ugly

  6. This poster uses propaganda through imperatives because it's telling you that you must change your ways by blaming you. It also scares you by making you scared of turning into a fish-(wo)man.