Sunday, 15 March 2015

Social media video

Would you trade your normal life for a fake world of likes and fame?



  1. Interesting clip! A scary thought to think of a world without empathy. Will social media be another thing that causes damage to our world before we realise it?

  2. Some people are so young and they're already getting into making YouTube videos. Do they all think about what they will think of their video in the future, or if it will cause any problems? I know that the video wasn't just about that, but that's something that stood out to me.

  3. Personally I think social media is great but it's scary to see that when i am on social media what's happening to my brain. Social media in my opinion is great because especially for me having family and friends across the world it makes it really easy to communicate. Although seeing people get bullied is really hard.

    In summary I think social media is a positive in our lives but if you abuse the privilege (staying on for ages, bullying etc.) it will turn back around on you, so we have to be careful. :)